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Lil’ help..?

I dunno but i can’t for some time now, post anything on twitter and i don’t really know why!? ;A; I tried already log out and back again, and refreshing site too, but that didn’t worked >.<  

Maybe someone know what to do in that case, i want it to work again ;w;

Can someone be that kind and nice to me and help me with this ;A; ?

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Igneel's been there the whole time, he's seen Natsu boob-grab Lucy..and seen her nude from Natsu's eyes
- "Hey Dad, this is Lucy."
- "Yes, I've seen her. I've seen her...all."
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FT chapter 400..

zippi44: what bothers me the most isn’t the dragonslayers being united with their daddy’s in some weird way..because that cleared many things up..

..but Laya, who died the very same year they (now we know they didn’t exactly) disappeared..and maybe at the same time Igneel tried to defeat E.N.D. but couldn’t..

..the one with all her outta- space- everything- is- possible- love is the one magic- powers…

Any thoughts? Cuz i might have some..

Well… I think that if dragons were that close to dragonslayers and they  don’t really disappeared, so maybe  Layla lives (or not), and is also close Lucy somewhere, or maybe Layla had something to do with the fact that Igneel was inside Natsu. I still think that the theory of Layla having something to do with the disappearance of the dragons is a plausible thing. And still we have some connection between Zeref and Natsu, so maybe something with time traveling can be still to talk about. But in total, there we can’t never be sure what Mashima invented, because of how often he can surprise us. How about your thoughts?

Beside that, Hello~! I’m happy to say a thing to you for the first time >.< And I’m great honored that you’re following me *^*

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My heart..

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