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xxdoodle-pupxx: Have you taken any art classes? and if so, what were they for? ouo

Well, i will be on my 3 grade in Art High School right now, and we have there, classes like advertise visual design basics, basics of photography and film, drawing and painting, sculpture and history of art. Perspective, people, painting with oil paints, pastels, acrylics, sculpting the head, etc.

So..that is, in fact everything you can, we are studying, but you practically learn about everything from the mistakes of yourself, because too much of it you learn are only some notions or something ;d. They don’t show you how to do something, you can do that on your own way. So in a short way, you’re learning alone about like.. everything xd 

I hope my answer is good enough ; >

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assassin-dragon: your art is precious (^_^)

Thank you so much~! That’s really kind! ;A;


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nijimiko: I really like your art :)

T-Thank you~! 


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paradisedragonslayer: I loved your Gray with a tattoo art,it was so amazing, you have a real talent! :)

Omg, thank you~! That’s so kind words from you QAQ


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my attempt to merge on the moment hot pixiv chat xD
I had no idea how that’s work at all, I don’t understand anything, and why pressure in my tablet was not working, but i regret nothing! xD

Well… Good job for me, and i was there for 3-5 minutes xD

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luffysbitch: omg you draw so so so good, i like the gruvia's one so much, and the tattoo you made for gray was awesome.. i'm going to follow your art, you have talent.

Ohh god, thank you~! It’s so really nice what you say! Thank you so much~


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Here we go~! Hope you will like smexy Gray with tattoos >w<

Btw. I’m still waiting for requests >.<

And here a little bonus~ heh:


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